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Clean Repair and Protect


Our Vision

“To Create Superior and Effective Formulations to Promote Regeneration and Healthy Skin”

Epitheal product range are highly effective with treating all bacterial & viral infestations of the skin while reducing inflammation and effecting epidermal repair.  

Epitheal product range are topical applications, easy to apply with visible results within the first three days of use. 

Epitheal products have been tested and are presently entering the final stage of registration.  Epitheal product range wil replace the need for equivalent antibiotics

Epitheal product range do not require a prescription, it is a readily available product sold over the counter at your local pharmacy. 

Screenshot 2020-11-12 114118.png


September 2020 - Epitheal Partner with the University of Limerick on project BioWill.


BioWILL will deliver a biorefinery model for Northwest Europe using Willow, by

producing high value salicylates from

willow bark for medical applications. The

bark residue and bark-free willow pulp will

be converted into safe food quality

packaging material to replace fossil

derived plastics. Renewable Energy in the

form of Bio Methane production and

Natural Fertilisers will generate the first of its type Zero Waste Bio Economy application.


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